October 02, 2011

Goat Lady at Largo Bay & Top CXC Performers Pt. 2

Happy Sunday! Today, we are excited to share a special Alumna feature on Gillian Royes (Author - Goat Lady at Largo Bay) and the sequel to our Top CXC Performers interview ft. Narique McIntosh and Linnet Reid.
SAHS Alumna Feature - Gillian Royes, PhD
Author, The Goat Woman at Largo Bay
There it was for the world to see the connection between Simon & Schuster-published Gillian Royes and the St. Andrew High family so we just had to 'delve' deeper with this former aviation executive.  With a sneak peak at Chapter 1 of her next novel, The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks, it is clear that Gillian puts pen to paper beautifully. Imagine therefore how elated we were when she agreed to share  memories about her alma mater!  

Gillian attended St. Andrew Prep and High Schools (until 1965), so for 13 years she 'lived' at Cecelio Avenue -- "or that's how it felt." Also, Royes lived in the same house with the same family, so her upbringing was very stable, to the point of being monotonous (in her mind anyway).

EJM: Your favorite moment high school memory/story?
GR: My early memories of the SAHS campus are of gathering with friends under the trees, waiting for the bell, lining up for tuck shop food (plantain tarts were always the winner).  Somehow, the classroom memories pale by comparison.  Teenage insecurity was huge in my early years. Who liked you or didn't like you, the flatness or development of your chest (!), the shadowy possibility of an admiring boy, these were all extremely important to a shaky adolescent.  Doing well in school was a duty to my parents; doing well in the eyes of my friends was harder and more desirable.

EJM: Share with us a SAHS Teacher (s) who made the most positive impact on your life.
GR: After fourth form, my confidence level rose.  It was then that I was able to focus on work and teachers.  Mrs. Tess Thomas was my favorite teacher, I think, although Miss Mills with her big crinoline skirts was a close second.  Mrs. Thomas influenced my love of reading and writing -- to this day.  One of the most difficult moments of my years in Jamaica was attending her funeral, and the manner of her death has also influenced the content of my novels.

EJM: Most treasured memory at St. Andrew High for Girls?  
GR: Perhaps the time when Mrs. Thomas had me standing on the platform and told me it was time to "pull up my socks" and I looked down at my socks in response.  The whole class broke up, as did I (and Mrs. Thomas). My memories of SAHS continued when I worked with the late Jennifer Cox on the Old Girls' Fundraising Committee.  [Ms. Jennifer Cox was a senior I.C.W.I insurance executive who passed away under tragic circumstances in the '80s.]

EJM: The SAHS House you represented?
GR: I was a member of Cavell House, and eventually went on to having a senior position.  I was the director of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare one year for the house competition and, although we didn't win, it was a fabulous experience.  I still love the play as a result. Click to read more 

Gillian's latest novel has been published by Simon & Schuster. Fellow author, Pearl Cleage, penned a lovely book review so be sure to get a copy of the inaugural, Shad series, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. It is available in digital format (e-book) and trade print. Do support!

COMING March 2012: 
Literary Evening ft. Gillian Royes
Venue: Emrie James Museum's Garden - 10 Cecelio Ave, Kgn.
Would you like to have your book  signed by Gillian
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Top CXC Performers - Pt. 2 
Narique McIntosh: The Jamaica Gleaner (local newspaper) published an article over the summer about Narique's accomplishment so our interview sought to offer a fresh, SAHS perspective.  As a proud Christian lady, Narique achieved distinctions in nine (9) CSEC-CXC subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, English A, English B, Mathematics, Geography and History and is currently pursuing CAPE Advanced level subjects - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communication Studies in Grade 12.  Of the four ladies interviewed, McIntosh cited the practice of dermatology as a specific career goal.

A little known fun fact: Click the video clip (below) to find out more about this bubbly, Ewarton Primary graduate.

Linnet Reid We went in search of Linnet on Friday by the school's canteen but heard we just missed her. Zakina Miller (from Anderson House) was most gracious and offered to accompany us on the search for Linnet. We were unlucky at the playing field, a favorite lunch time spot for Linnet, but enjoyed a delightful conversation with a 'cool' group of SAHS ladies. 

The crew compromised of - (L-R) Zakina Miller (Anderson), Jonelle Williams, (Gartshore), Ramona Roberts (Gartshore), Donna Lee (Darling), Kimberley Rowe (Stockhausen) and Chelsea Montague (Cavell). They each offered one-word to describe their friend, Linnet - 'chill', genius, diligent, smart and FRIENDLY (be sure to put 'friendly' in caps)! 
"The Chill Group" - SAHS Sixth Formers
The ladies revealed that Linnet readily shared her wisdom and explained topics in a simplistic way for students to understand (often times better than teachers). Her friends further added that swimming, ballet and piano were some of Reid's extra-curricular activities. Goodbyes were exchanged and off we went to browse around the Essentials Book Store (the school's book store). Finally, success!  

There Linnet and our team began light conversation that ended at the Emrie James Museum. We also learned that Reid is thinking about pursuing law and recently completed a summer internship at a relative's law firm. Her CAPE 'A' level subjects are - History, Sociology, Spanish, French and Communication Studies. Prior to this, Linnet got perfect scores in nine (9) CXC subjects - Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Spanish, English A, English B and Mathematics. She is a proud, Anderson lady (yellow-house) and has done ballet dancing since 4-years old at the Vickers Dance Studio. Interestingly enough Linnet served as Deputy Head Girl while Zahra Henry (in last week's feature) was Head Girl at Mona Preparatory School!

Little known fun fact: Linnet loves pets. Click to know more :-)
This concludes our Top 2011 CXC Performers feature about Ashley-Jade Grennell, Zahra Henry, Narique McIntosh and Linnet Reid. Join us in congratulating these ladies and wishing them the very best with Sixth Form and beyond.  
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The Emrie James Museum
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